New ink, covers, fixes and challenges… this is what we like!


Our qualified piercers can offer a huge variety of piercings.


Our team can help you transfer any idea from your head to your skin.

We simply love tattoos! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to start you tattoo adventure or just want more and more. We are always happy to help. Our artists can can design and tattoo in many different styles. Every artist in our studio has amazing drawing skills and we combine it with digital design to make it even better and make sure that your tattoo will look amazing.

At Juvif we know how important it is to keep required hygiene standards, use only best products and provide the best aftercare possible. Your appointment is not finished in the moment we finished tattooing and we are always happy to see you later if you have any questions, need advice or what happens very often … want another tattoo.

Custom tattoo design

Our artist will always design something great and unique for you. We offer a design consultation before every appointment.

Cover up

Sometimes you need or have to cover your old tattoo. At Juvif it’s not a problem. We have a lot of experience in covers.


Our artist can help you fix your older tattoos and give it a completely new life.

Laser Tattoo Removal

We all make mistakes and we can help you get rid of them.

Brands we work with


  • Minimal Price – £40
  • Price per hour – £90
  • Price per hour (cover up, tribal, maori, polynesian) – £100
  • 5h Session (including 30 min break) – £450
  • 7h Session (include 30 min break) – £600


Professionally done and not as painful as people say.

We offer wide range of body piercing done only by a top notch piercers. Belly button piercing, septum, helix, tragus, nipples, septum, nose, eyebrows – you name it.

First step of every appointment is a consultation with our piercer who will explain you the whole procedure and will make sure that piercing you have chosen is suitable for you. We always make sure that any procedure will be as comfortable as possible for the customer and we always keep the highest hygiene standards.

Experienced piercers

Our piercers have all the necessary qualifications and a lot of experience. You can be sure that you will receive the best service possible and proffesional advice.

High quality jewellery

We believe that any procedure done to your body requires top quality materials and that’s what we always provide.


We always provide our customers with all the necessary information before and after the procedure. Our team will always aswer all of your questions.

Brands we work with


  • Ear Lobe (each) – £20
  • Helix – £25
  • Tragus – £25
  • Conch- £25
  • Daith – £30
  • Rook – £30
  • Navel Belly Button – £30
  • Nipple – £35 (two for £60)
  • Industrial – £50
  • Eyebrow – £30
  • Nostril – £25
  • Septum – £35
  • Lower Lip – £35
  • Upper Lip – £35
  • Philttrum – £40
  • Tongue – £45
  • Vertical Labret – £45
  • Change of Jewellery – £10


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